2019 Annual Meeting

Order of Business. The order of business at the Annual Meeting shall be as follows:

1. Call to order.
2. Reading of minutes of previous meeting.
3. Report of the Treasurer.
4. Reading of any communication received.
5. Report of President
6. Reports of committee chairs (if any)
7. Unfinished business.
8. Election of officers.
9. New business.
10. Adjournment.

Nominating Committee has Recommended Slate of Officers and Directors for 2019

Officers 1 – year term 2019-2020

Jeanne Smith – President

Jon Richmond – Vice President

Sandra Dugan – Secretary

Kara Marley – Treasurer

Directors – 3 – year terms expiring in 2022

Michael Leverett

Rich Talipsky

Jeanne Smith


The following are the minutes of the June 13. 2018 Meeting

Introductions – John Vitkevitch

6:15 – Call to Order – Michael Leveret, President

Minutes from the June 2017 Meeting were not available

Report of Treasurer

No communications were received

President’s Remarks

There were no committee reports

There was no unfinished business

Presentation of Business of the Year Award

Portsmouth Historical Society

Guest Speaker – Jim Garman, Portsmouth Historical Society President and Town Historian


Officers ( 1 year term)

President – Michael Leverett

Vice President Jeanne Smith

Treasurer Kara Marley

Secretary Linda Bohmbach

Directors (3-year terms)

Linda Bohmbach – to 2021
Andrea Santo – to 2021
Nancy Demers – to 2021
John Farley – to 2021
Kara Marley – to 2021

7:30 Adjournment